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Containers Direct specialise in producing 12ft containers, cut down from quality second hand shipping containers, and adapted especially for storage use. Shipping containers are incredibly strong and their durability exceeds any other type of storage container around, which is why they are the first choice of storage containers for many of our clients. However, they are only manufactured from new in a narrow range of sizes (mostly 20ft and 40ft), so in order to give our clients a wider choice of sizes we take these larger containers and cut them down to smaller 12ft units.

The process of cutting down smaller units means either new doors or a new end wall has to be made to complete the new 12ft containers. This is a great opportunity for Containers Direct to offer our clients a choice of three different door types, each with its own merits. The choice is yours!


S1 doors

We fabricate brand new doors to complete the containers that are light and easy to use. Made from flat steel panels, these are more user friendly than original shipping containers doors, which are corrugated and therefore heavier to handle. Flat panel doors are great for smaller storage containers and frequent use, and are a popular choice for domestic storage, schools and small clubs. The doors are secured by a single lockable arm, which can be protected by a special lockbox for additional security.

S1 Containers Cost £1195 plus VAT

S2 doors

These retain the original shipping containers doors and are the preferred choice for storage in the construction industry. Shipping container doors have the advantage of a rubber seal around them to prevent moisture entering the container.

S2 Containers Cost £1195 plus VAT

S3 doors

A unique design to Containers Direct, whereby we fabricate new doors, as with the S1 container, but with rubber seals too. These doors are great for storing items easily damaged by moisture, such as furniture, fabrics and paper goods.

S3 Containers Cost £1370 plus VAT

S4 doors

Anti vandal, galvanised steel roller shutter doors, with manual or electrical operation. At 8ft wide (the same size as standard container doors, they be fitted as an additional door, or a replacement for the original.

S4 Containers Cost for manual option- £1665 plus VAT

(Please enquire for cost of electric option)

Side doors

If you'd like doors in the side of the container, we also have options available. You can have a side door in addition to the existing end door, or as a replacement.


Included in the price of all 12ft containers is repainting in rubberised container paint, in the colour of your choice for an attractive AND protective finish, and a protective steel lockbox for your padlock (retail price £50)

Please note, for very light or bright paint options (ie white, yellow, red, orange) there is a supplementary charge of £100



Add one of our specialist Lock 2000 padlocks, compatible for use with the lock box, for a discounted price of £35 plus VAT

Compressed door seals

An option for S1 doors - these are attached to the inside of the container door and compress to form a watertight seal when the door is closed.

Cost - £65 plus VAT


Reduce condensation in your container! All our containers can be treated with Grafotherm, a highly effective solution to keep condensation within containers at bay.

Cost to treat a 12ft container - £135 plus VAT.


For a cheaper alternative to our standard anti condensation treatments, these can be purchased for £35 plus VAT per Absorpole.

Shelving Racks

Maximise use of the ALL the space available within your container, including the height! Our multi-purpose shelving racks are ideal for creating organised an accessible storage.

Cost per bay (1m/3ft wide) - £60 plus VAT - fitted, OR £45 plus VAT - self fitting


If you require lighting, heating, or sockets for your container, we've got the power! We offer two standard options of electrical installations:

    Option 1: One external hook up, a consumer unit, a light switch, 5ft strip light with diffuser, a double socket - £305 plus VAT

    Option 2: One external hook up, a consumer unit, a light switch, two 5ft strip lights with diffusers, two double sockets and wall heater - £395 plus VAT

Ply Lining

For containers requiring a more constant inside temperature, for instance when storing paperwork, textiles or household furniture, adding a plywood lining with insulating material will protect these items from moisture damage. For more details, read our page on ply lined containers

Cost to supply and fit a 12ft ply lining - from £750 plus VAT

Wipe Clean Melamine Lining

Recommended for containers used in food preparation - melamine lining is hygienic, wipe clean and bordered with plastic trim. Cost for 12ft container - £1031.25 plus VAT


We offer a variety of ramps for containers - car ramps. heavy duty ramps, lightweight ramps, hinged ramps and bespoke builds. A range of sizes are also available. Cost from £205 plus VAT

12ft New Shipping Containers from £1800.


From Peter Richardson at Groundwork Landscapes Limited, after the purchase of a container with original doors, for Granville Respite and Care Home

"Good product, good price, good service"

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