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Shipping Container News

Storing Fireworks in Shipping Containers **UPDATED
With Bonfire Night fast approaching and many traders needing a safe space to keep their stock, it's time to look at how shipping containers can provide safe and secure storage for fireworks. Whether you're simply planning to keep your stock in one, or convert one into a shop for selling fireworks from, you can tick all the boxes for Trading Standards storing fireworks in shipping containers.
Published Thursday 15 October 2020, Updated Thursday 15 October 2020 in: General

Secure Tool Storage **UPDATED
Looking for storage solutions to your tools of the trade? When you have a large number of expensive tools to store which your livelihood depends upon, you won't want to be leaving it to chance that they don't get stolen. Containers Direct have come up with the ultimate, on-site solution to secure tool storage, our Hercules 667 tool vault, designed to deter even the most determined of thieves. With multiple security features you can leave your work at the end of the day safe in the knowledge that your valuable equipment is secure.
Published Wednesday 30 September 2020, Updated Wednesday 30 September 2020 in: General

What is a Flat Pack Shipping Container? **UPDATED
In simple terms these are storage containers supplied in pieces that require self-assembly. Technically speaking they are not shipping containers as they don't fit ISO requirements which allows them to be shipped, but generically they are referred to as shipping containers as they share many characteristics of shipping containers that are primarily used as storage containers. Both are strong steel boxes that are watertight and provide security from theft. Find out why a flat pack shipping container might be the best option for your storage needs.
Published Monday 14 September 2020, Updated Monday 14 September 2020 in: General

The Flat Pack Office: solving the problem of tricky access **UPDATED
Has working from home become stressful? Or maybe you've run out of room in the house to get on top of your personal affairs or enjoy your past times. Garden offices and dens are fast growing in popularity as an alternative to moving in order to up size, and with a range of flat pack offices on the market it's never been cheaper or easier to create extra space on your property.
Published Thursday 27 August 2020, Updated Thursday 27 August 2020 in: General

Your guide to shipping container maintenance **UPDATED
So now you've bought your shipping container, what steps can you take to ensure it stays in top condition and gives you the maximum years of trouble-free service? Read our guide to shipping container maintenance to find out how to get the most out of your container.
Published Thursday 13 August 2020, Updated Tuesday 25 August 2020 in: General

Let There Be Light! How to Power a Shipping Container **UPDATED
Did you know we can provide power to your shipping container? Electrics are one of our popular standard optional extras offered with all shipping containers and our clients choose electrical packages for a wide range of applications. Whether it's simply for lighting in a storage container, or to run a range of appliances in a shipping container conversion, we've got the power.
Published Wednesday 29 July 2020, Updated Tuesday 25 August 2020 in: General

Top 5 Shipping Container Conversion Ideas **UPDATED
Shipping containers are not just for storage, they make an excellent building blocks for a wide range of applications. See our shipping container conversion ideas, designed and built in our own conversions department for all types of uses - from offices to pop up shops and much more.
Published Tuesday 14 July 2020, Updated Tuesday 28 July 2020 in: General

Introducing the StudyBox - the shipping container classroom bubble that allows for distancing. **UPDATED
Containers Direct have come up with a brand new design of shipping container classroom which can be used as a temporary solution to allow for maximum capacity based on the 1m distancing rule, or as a permanent fixture for additional learning space.
Published Tuesday 30 June 2020, Updated Tuesday 28 July 2020 in: General

Do I Need My Shipping Container Repainted? **UPDATED
Painting your shipping container can dramatically improve its appearance, especially if you have a used shipping container. It can also extend the life of the container as it adds a protective layer against the elements. Containers Direct offer a free repaint on all used containers purchased under 20ft, but we can paint any container, new or used. Find out more about the process of repainting shipping containers.
Published Thursday 18 June 2020, Updated Tuesday 28 July 2020 in: General

Padlocks and Lockboxes for Shipping Container Security **UPDATED
For all shipping containers used as storage units, a specialist container padlock is highly recommended, to protect your precious contents from thieves and vandals. With every container purchase, Containers Direct offer top quality, Container padlocks - at a discounted price! In addition, a tamper-proof, theft deterrent steel lockbox can be added to your purchase.
Published Thursday 8 May 2014, Updated Tuesday 28 July 2020 in: General

Turning a Shipping Container into a Home Gym **UPDATED
Finding it hard to stay motivated with your exercise regime? Do your gym membership fees outweigh your usage? If you'd like to stay fit without leaving the house or paying ongoing costs then a home gym is the solution. Not many people are fortunate enough to have the space indoors for their gym equipment, but with a shipping container gym all you need is a little bit of space in your garden. See how a basic shipping container can be transformed into a home gym with the addition of few modifications.
Published Thursday 4 June 2020, Updated Wednesday 10 June 2020 in: General

The Bottom Line - What To Put Under Your Shipping Container **UPDATED
Where you choose to place your shipping container is very important to prevent future problems with using the doors. In particular original shipping container doors (ISO doors) can be a bit of a heave-ho to open and close, and if the container isn't sited on hard-standing, level ground this can make things worse. The simple solution is to plan and prepare for delivery in advance.
Published Tuesday 19 May 2020, Updated Wednesday 10 June 2020 in: General

Can I Put a Shipping Container on My Property **UPDATED
A question we frequently get asked is can I put a shipping container on my property. It's impossible to give a definitive answer on the point of planning permission, as local planning authorities have differing regulations depending on where you live, but in broad terms a shipping container is classed as a temporary structure, and therefore are exempt from requiring planning permission. So yes, you can put a shipping container on your property. However, we recommend you read on to be sure you don't make a costly mistake.
Published Tuesday 5 May 2020, Updated Wednesday 10 June 2020 in: General

How to Create a Shipping Container Office **UPDATED
Let us take you through the steps and processes we use to make one of our most popular conversions, the shipping container office, from the initial design to the fixtures and fittings and delivery.
Published Friday 28 February 2020, Updated Thursday 28 May 2020 in: General

Our Favourite Shipping Container Homes From Around The World! **UPDATED
Mobile, versatile, and with a low carbon footprint, shipping containers are gathering momentum as the building blocks for new homes. Take a look at some of the most ambitious and visually stunning shipping container conversion homes that are setting the world of architecture and construction alight.
Published Thursday 16 April 2020, Updated Friday 1 May 2020 in: General

5 Benefits of Using a Container Pop Up Shop **UPDATED
Trends can come and go, but we believe the current trend of using shipping container conversions to start up or expand your business is firmly here to stay. As people discover the benefits a shipping container can bring, in a fresh and exciting way that breaks the mould, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of requests for shipping container pop up shops.
Published Tuesday 31 March 2020, Updated Friday 1 May 2020 in: General

Corona Virus Update **UPDATED
Containers Direct Ltd are operating fully in line with the government's advice regarding the Coronavirus outbreak in regards to ensuring our employees safety and wellbeing. We are continuing to trade and our business is still open for new and existing enquiries within our usual business hours of 8am-5.30pm. Our Sales staff are currently working remotely but can be reached on our usual office line – 0800 061 2575.
Published Tuesday 24 March 2020, Updated Tuesday 24 March 2020 in: General

Reasons to Chose a New Build Container **UPDATED
Why do we build new containers when there are plenty of used and new shipping containers ready for conversion? If you need something size-wise that a shipping container can't give you with its standard dimensions of 8ft wide, and 8ft 6in high, we've got it covered with our new builds - wider, taller or narrower!
Published Monday 16 March 2020, Updated Monday 16 March 2020 in: General

Title: Do you know the difference between New and Used containers? **UPDATED
Not sure whether a new or used container is best for you? What's the difference in quality and performance between the two? And how much value can you expect to be added in paying extra for a new container? Find out the answers to these questions and more.
Published Monday 10 February 2020, Updated Monday 10 February 2020 in: General

How Much Are Storage Containers To Buy? **UPDATED
Thinking about buying a storage container but not sure if it's affordable? Most people are pleasantly surprised when they find out the cost of a storage container is less than they thought. Buy wisely and you can get a quality purchase that will give you many years of trouble free, low maintenance dry and secure storage from a shipping container.
Published Thursday 23 January 2020, Updated Thursday 23 January 2020 in: General

Top uses for our shipping containers **UPDATED
There's so much more to the humble shipping container than shipping! See the top five reasons why people buy shipping containers and the most frequently requested conversion work that we take on at Containers Direct.
Published Tuesday 17 December 2019, Updated Wednesday 18 December 2019 in: General

Tips on How to Buy a Used Shipping Container **UPDATED
Thinking of buying a used shipping container but are concerned about the pitfalls? This article walks you through the things to look out for, what to avoid, and how to know if you're getting value for money. In three simple steps we'll tell you everything you need to know about buying second hand containers.
Published Monday 25 November 2019, Updated Thursday 28 November 2019 in: General

Shipping Container Garages **UPDATED
Do shipping containers make good garages? The answer is yes! They make a low cost and convenient alternative to a traditional garage. With a few modifications available at Containers Direct we can ensure your shipping container garage is fit for purpose and your car is safe, secure and dry for either frequent use or long term storage.
Published Wednesday 6 November 2019, Updated Thursday 28 November 2019 in: General

5 Reasons to Pick a Flat Pack **UPDATED
Not sure whether a flat pack container or a standard container is better for your needs? Then read the top five advantages a flat pack can offer you. From size to flexibility, you'll find out that good things can come in small packages!
Published Wednesday 18 September 2019, Updated Thursday 28 November 2019 in: General

In the winter months condensation can be a big problem, as cold weather can play havoc with moisture levels inside your container. So we'd like to share some tips on how to keep your container condensation free during the winter months
Published Tuesday 20 December 2016, Updated Thursday 28 November 2019 in: General

Shipping Containers as Site Offices **UPDATED
Is an office space container the right solution for your business? Whether your business is currently operated from your spare room at home, or you already have premises elsewhere but are looking for something different, read on to find out how a shipping container could be the change you want to see.
Published Wednesday 7 August 2019, Updated Wednesday 23 October 2019 in: General

Wooded Wonders **UPDATED
How to make a shipping container not look like a shipping container - choose wood cladding! Whether it's a simple storage unit, or a complete conversion, wood cladding can transform the appearance of a metal box into an attractive wood cabin.
Published Wednesday 24 July 2019, Updated Wednesday 23 October 2019 in: General

Hold back even the most determined water ingress with these rubber door seals! Now offered as an accessory to our standard S1 (flat panel) doors for storage containers, we simply attach them to the inside of the container door, where they compress when the door is closed to form a watertight seal.
Published Thursday 2 July 2015, Updated Tuesday 22 October 2019 in: General


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